Introducing: Catholify /k'thaw·lih·fye/

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Customizable Catholic News Feed
Configure your news feed with your interests and be the first to know
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Find Mass in a Snap
Find Mass, Confession, and Adoration times in any location, at any time
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Discover Local Events
Find events in your area that match your interests
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Pocket-Sized Bulletins
Receive weekly digital bulletins from your home parish
Icon bible 72fb9c9504dd06ed174ec889948f0bb12f165f0f9fb10f853bb4df1c664687b5
Resources at Your Fingertips
The Bible, Catechism, Rosary, Catholic Prayers - they're all here!
Icon push 8a49124462e3855971826f4609f4b8d4f6a5872f7334fb7dcd6dc422c51bb0bb
The Power of Push
Receive homilies from your pastor, push notifications from your bishop, and more...
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Parish & Diocese Features

Enter Once, Update Everywhere

Your information shouldn't have to be redundant. Catholify allows you to enter your events, bulletins, and service times in one place, updating both your website and the app

Unprecedented Reach

Have something to say? With push notifications you can instantly broadcast an announcement to every parishioner in your parish, or even your entire diocese

Your Bulletins: Always Delivered

Upload and host your bulletins with Catholify and we'll automatically deliver them to your app users—plus update your existing website

Monitor, Measure, Grow

It's about time you have measurable data for your parish family. Visualize anonymous parishioner usage statistics, and how your overall digital presence is growing

Catholify is free to all parishes and dioceses

We believe that spreading our faith shouldn't have a price tag. Contact us today to claim your free account!
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