Let's Build a Digital Basilica to Unite the World

It’s time the Universal Church has a place to call home on the digital continent. Help us build the world’s first social prayer network to welcome and form digital pilgrims hungry for Truth.

Catholify is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-exempt.

What's a Digital Basilica?

The best explanations are demonstrations. See what you’ve already made possible in 2020 to lay the foundations of this basilica:


Video views (Adorecast, Mercy Nights, and more)


Rosaries prayed


Participated in Mercy Nights, the first multi-parish virtual conference of its kind


Intercessory prayers logged


Consecrated themselves to St Joseph in the app


Years’ worth of time logged in prayer


Countries reached

Help Us Reach More Souls

As members of our local communities, we are called to tithe to our local parishes. Yet, as we spend more time online, we are also members of the ‘digital continent’. Help build YOUR basilica so that it may serve its congregation—the world.

Your contributions allow us to pioneer new ways of reaching a digital generation hungry for Truth through our app, social media, and ongoing content partnerships.

How To Get Involved


If we didn’t believe in the power of prayer, we wouldn’t be here. If you want to take ownership of Catholify with us, it starts by praying for this mission. Beyond that, commit to using the prayer tools Catholify has already made available, and invite others to do the same.


The best way you can serve is by using and sharing the app, connecting with us on social media, and making your voice known! Have a feature you want to see added? Are you a blog writer? Marketing guru? Graphic designer? We want to become a hub of talent for the Church’s digital presence, but that takes a much wider net than just us!


Join the mission in a big way by making us a part of your monthly tithe so that we can continue to pioneer new platforms of prayer for the Church!

Catholify is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-exempt.

Become a Founder.

Want to learn more about what’s on the horizon and how you can make it a reality? Would you be interested in our “Fund a Feature” program and be forever remembered in the app? Do you have other means of giving, such as through stocks or a foundation, that can propel this ministry forward? Then let us tell you more about the Catholify Founders Circle.