We're on a mission.

"Why does the Universal Church feel so disconnected in the era of connectivity?"

This was the question we kept asking ourselves. With something as eternally true and beautiful as the Catholic Church, how could it possibly get lost in the digital noise? When we started to reflect on what technology can do for our quality of life—and knowing what our faith does for our eternal life—we felt the strong conviction to harness technology for the Church. We’ve made a ministry out of embracing ever-changing tech to elevate unchanging Truth.

Innovation by Observation.

Our strategy is to observe tech trends, latch onto what’s working, and repurpose them into one of three key areas of our mission:

Elevate Truth

How can technology make the sacred Truth and Tradition of our Church more approachable and readily accessible? In a sea of social media and fake news, how can we find real answers through Sacred Scripture, the Catechism, and the lives of the Saints?

Enrich Community

How can technology allow us to strengthen our parish and faith communities? Why can’t we find small groups and sacraments as easily as an Uber? Why can’t we react to a group message with a ‘Praying For’ instead of a ‘Like’?

Pray More

We know the power of prayer can move mountains, cause conversions, and save souls. If our fitness app can encourage us to get our ‘steps’ in, then why can’t our Rosary app nudge us to get our ‘Hail Marys’ in? If technology can incentivize, then let’s incentivize prayer and change the world.