Unite the World in the Rosary

Pray, lead, log, love. Join us in uniting and saving the world through the Rosary.

We are on a mission to reach 1 Million Souls through 1 Million Rosaries.
Help us meet today’s goal of reaching  people!


In 2020, despite the isolation of quarantine, all of us came together on a mission to pray and log 1 Million Rosaries—and we did it! Now, the challenge is greater, but so is the reward. Whenever you pray a Rosary, come back here and tap I Prayed A Rosary to claim and send your personalized prayer card to someone! Join us in spreading this movement across social media to #PrayItForward so that 1 million souls may be personally touched by your prayers!

A Million Rosaries, and Beyond

On May 1, 2020, Catholify and Chews Life started the Million Rosaries Movement—to give Our Lady 1 Million Rosaries by her birthday on September 8th. In just 4 short months, with over 130 leaders praying around the clock, hundreds of thousands of daily prayer warriors, and a little help from our friends over at Many Hail Marys at a Time, we more than exceeded our goal for Our Lady!

Another incredible fruit that came out of this was the Virtual Living Rosary project where over 70 Catholic leaders submitted their prayers to build this powerful reflection. We invite you to pray it here:

Special thanks.

We could not have done this without our amazing leaders. These are just a few of them. Thank you!!

Ongoing Rosaries with the Dominican Sisters

In between our live leaders, the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia have contributed audio recordings of their Rosaries to be streamed at every hour and half-hour!


Pray with the App.

Each time you open the Rosary beads in the app, another Rosary will be logged! Discover the amazing prayer and community resources Catholify has to offer.


Pray with real beads.

Chews Life has a beautiful collection of prayerfully hand-crafted Rosary beads for all ages. Grab yours today and keep the Rosaries coming!